Volt Alkaline Batteries Ag-13 Carded 12 Count



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Volt Alkaline Batteries watch size small batteries from Blush Novelties. Blush Volt Batteries are high quality, high energy, and provide a continuous voltage supply. Optimized for use with Blush Novelties products, but also suitable for use in many small electronics like games, watch, calculators, laser pointers, medical devices. Extra batteries store conveniently in this package. As with all batteries, keep out of reach of children. Long lasting. AG13 batteries compatible with LR44. Designed specifically to be used with Blush products. Pack of 12. AG13 Silver Oxide Button Batteries. Packages may vary. Blush Novelties replacement batteries for vibrator, massagers and sex toy. Store out of reach of small children. Choking hazard. Categories: Batteries, Storage, Odds, Ends. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2023.

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Volt Alkaline Batteries Ag-13 Carded 12 Count


Volt Alkaline Batteries Ag-13 Carded 12 Count

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