(d) Sex & Mischief Adjustable Restraints



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Keep your lover under control with the Sex and Mischief Adjustable Rope Restraints. The adjustable restraints fit all bodies and you can determine how much or how little control your lover gets. So much fun, you’ll want to explore your bondage fantasies all day long. Don’t let your lover get away. The restraints are made of a unique flat soft braided rope that adjusts to 40 inches. There are no knots to tie, simply pull the built in slide ties to tighten each of the four loops. Sexy Beast. Crawling around on all fours was nothing new to her. She loved to seduce her lovers from this position and there was never any complaint from the targets of her affections. This night however, she was feeling ever more frisky than usual. The enchantress sashayed out of the bedroom and cozied up to her partner. Perhaps you would like to make sure I stay on my knees tonight, she coed in his ear, and produced a rope with four adjustable cuffs. His eyes widened with excitement, almost knocking his wine glass over the coffee table at the very mention. Materials: ABS plastic hardware, nickel free metal hardware, braided polypropylene. Includes: Unique flat soft braided rope, adjusts to 40 inches, four self adjusting loops. Categories: Beginner Restraints, Bondage Restraints, Ropes & Bondage Tape, Sex & Mischief, S&M. Limited Lifetime Warranty, Sportsheets will replace any defective product. If the product is not available, Sportsheets will replace it with a similar product of similar function. No video. 2022.

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(d) Sex & Mischief Adjustable Restraints


(d) Sex & Mischief Adjustable Restraints

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