Sex & Mischief Ring Metal Handcuffs



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Sportsheets Sex and Mischief line Ring Metal Handcuffs. Perfect for beginner bondage play. Caution: being handcuffed can be a deeply erotic experience for both of you.

Specifications: keys included, but not necessary for quick release. Quick release lever for peace of mind. Minimum internal cuff circumference measures 5 inches. Maximum internal cuff circumference measures 7.5 inches. Materials 100% Nickel free Metal. Includes one pair of Ring Metal Handcuffs. Let your imagination go wild and free. Incorporate other restraint products utilizing the ring. Combine these handcuffs with a blindfold or a leash for one sexy evening in. Limited Lifetime Warranty, Sportsheets will replace any defective product. If the product is not available, Sportsheets will replace it with a similar product of similar function. First establish a safe word for stop and go. Given the types of bondage that is available nowadays as well as the various positions a submissive may find themselves in, they might be unable to talk, even if it is only to say one word. As a result, it is always a good idea to have a contingency plan, this could include hand gestures in lieu of a safeword i.e. clicking of fingers, dropping something they are holding in their hands, or tapping the dominant. Traffic light colors are easy to remember Green = this is fantastic, carry on.
Yellow = this is almost too much, please proceed with caution. Red = stop right now! Spare release keys are a given. Men’s health for a safe word. Categories: BDSM for Beginners, Bondage Cuffs, Sex & Mischief, S&M. No video. 2022.

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Sex & Mischief Ring Metal Handcuffs


Sex & Mischief Ring Metal Handcuffs

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